Monday, 9 April 2018

Predicting what might happen on Friday.

Predicting what might happen on Friday.

In the morning, we're probably going to have a big assembly and at the end,
Mr Herlihy will probably say "have a great holiday". In the classroom we might do some work which honestly I'm fine with if it's all chill and nice and we might play some games outside on the court. I assume we're going to take out all our piggy bank money and see how much we have.After we've found out the amount, we decide what we wanna eat and the feast is gonna be ready by the end block. While we're eating, hopefully we're also enjoying a nice movie. At the end of the day, we'll clean up the class and pack up everything and we'll say goodbye and thank you to our teacher and all our friends for making this term, a awesome one.

Update: I was wrong, The head students just walked in and told the class, we're having a fun day with lots of water activities and other sports.

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